This project received 4 nominations to the SPORTS EMMY including Outstanding Feature, Outstanding Production Design/Art Direction, and Outstanding Graphic Design.
Role: Art Direction
For: Váscolo

Full Credits:
Executive Creative Directors: Martin Schurmann & Claus Cibils
Main Producer: Florencia Cruz
Animation Director: Alberto Hadyar
Art Director: Paula Vidal
Designers & Illustrators: Samuel Davila, Mayra Olaya, Leila Rosano, Aileen Sbrizza, 
Erwin Lorinser, Manuel Fermont, Krissely Perez, Alberto Martinez

Lead Animator: Hernan Lindenbaum
Animators: Ariel Pistillo, Josh Earle, Patricio Passarelli
Client: CBS Sports
Creative Director/Producer: Peter Radovich, Jr.
Director: Derek Ambrosi
Feature Producers: Ellis Williams, Jelani Rooks, Kayona Ebony Brown
Associate Producers: Yvette Wyatt, Laurie Zelnick
Editor: Derek Ambrosi
Writers: Kayona Ebony Brown, Derek Ambrosi, Peter Radovich, Jr., Ellis Williams, Jelani Rooks
Audio Engineer: Dan O’Sullivan
Agency: Versus NYC
Chief Creative Officer: Justin Barnes
Executive Producer: Rob Meyers
New Business Director: John Levy
Producer: Rose Canuto
Creative Director: Miguel Hernandez

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